Intimate Lightening

intimate lighteningIntimate hyperpigmentation is a disorder caused by an excess formation of melanin that involves skin darkening around the genital perianal area, inner thighs, and groin. Skin loses elasticity, firmness, and thins as we age, leading to discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

This condition is a very common occurrence, with both men and women experiencing it equally. Patients often express that hyperpigmentation affects their self-esteem, sex life and confidence, and that getting it resolved has given them an improved quality of life.

The team of experts at Nurturing You Women’s Health and Wellness clinic offers an Intimate Lightening service using the globally recognized Dermamelan® protocol.Dr. Leita Harris performs the application in a comfortable and safe environment, with the process being quite simple and painless. You will see a noticeable difference after the very first visit!

Causes of Hyperpigmentation

Inflammation – constant friction and irritation can cause an inflammatory response. Your body mobilizes the production of cells in the area and this includes melanocytes that contribute to hyperpigmentation.

Pregnancy – as high as 90% of pregnant women experience hyperpigmentation, either during or after pregnancy. This is mostly due to the stretching and retraction of skin in intimate areas.

Age and Hormone Changes – Your skin loses elasticity and thins as you age, both of which affect the appearance of your skin. Hormonal changes have direct influences on your entire body but can cause pigmentation changes in your genitals.

Lack of ventilation – whether due to clothing or natural anatomy—contributes to local irritation and may worsen the cycle of an inflammatory response, melanin production, and increased pigmentation

Commonly Hyperpigmented Areas

Areas that are prone to hyperpigmentation are as follows:

  • Face
  • Genitals
  • Groin
  • Nipples
  • Areola
  • Underarms

How Intimate Lightening Products Work

Dermamelan® is a medium depth skin peel that utilizes organic acids to remove and suppress the development of melanin in the affected area. By removing heavy accumulations of melanin deposits and inhibiting the reproduction of new melanin, the affected area will begin to lighten and match the surrounding skin. The process involves clinical applications as well as ongoing at-home treatments.

The depigmentation process is complemented by an anti-aging action that renews the look of skin, making it appear younger. Results are visible after one session although most patients see results they are satisfied with in less than 30 days.

Looking for Intimate Lightening Services in Corona, CA?

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