STEMACTIVE – Premium Stem Cell Activator

Premium Stem Cell Activator

Natural aging, poor health, injury, and disease can compromise the number of fully functioning stem cells circulating throughout in the body, so you’ll want to get the best possible support. StemActive contains powerful ingredients shown to increase the number of stem cells on their mission to take care of your body.



The Importance of Stem Cells


Frequently labeled as the body’s “master” cells, these minuscule marvels possess the capacity for self-replication and can differentiate into cells found in various tissues or organs of the body. Studies indicate that adult stem cells exhibit similar capabilities to embryonic stem cells, demonstrating the ability to develop into cells of nearly any tissue they migrate to.


How Stem Cells Work

When an organ or system requires restoration or enhancement of function, whether due to natural aging or injury, it emits specific “messenger” molecules to attract stem cells. As stem cells travel through the bloodstream, these molecules prompt their movement toward the affected organ. Once there, the stem cells adjust to the particular requirements of that organ or system, aiding in its natural repair and renewal processes.

Fear of missing out

At any given time, the body typically has approximately 12,000,000 circulating stem cells, aiding in its efforts to restore and sustain optimal health. However, factors such as natural aging, poor health, injury, and disease can diminish the number of fully operational stem cells, potentially limiting the body’s capacity for regeneration support. Your body naturally seeks to replenish its stem cell supply in the most organic manner possible.

Vegan | Natural | Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free | Nut-Free


StemActive from HealthyHome™ contains powerful ingredients that have been studied and proven to increase the number of stem cells circulating in your body.* StemActive’s proprietary formulation means your body gets the support it needs for optimal health and wellbeing!*

  1. Madagascan Aloe Macroclada
  2. Tibetan Sea Buckthorn
  3. Klamath Blue-Green Algae (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae)
  4. L-Theanine
  5. Goji Extract
  6. Black Rice Extract
  7. Coffee Bean Extract


The quantity of circulating stem cells directly influences the body’s capability to achieve and uphold optimal health. Typically, the body maintains around 12 million stem cells in circulation at any given time. These stem cells, generated within your body, play a crucial role in facilitating the restoration and maintenance of optimal health. However, factors such as natural aging, poor health, injury, and disease can impede the functionality of stem cells, potentially reducing their numbers.


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