Modern technology has opened up so many possibilities, one of them being the means to conduct medical appointments, check in’s and consultations virtually. We live in a time where communication and interconnectedness are at an all-time high. Why not use the technology available to use to make people’s lives easier and safer?

Nurturing You is proud to offer telemedical services to our patients. It is a safe and secure process that allows people with mobility concerns or other issues that may prevent them from seeing a doctor in person, to get quality and professional assistance from the comfort of their own home.

Is Telemedicine Covered By Insurance?

Yes, telemedicine services offered at Nurturing You are covered by insurance providers if you meet the criteria needed to qualify!

Do I Qualify For Telemedicine

To determine if you are eligible for telemedicine, you can arrange a call with one of the specialists at Nurturing You. With a brief exchange of information, we can inform you if you will qualify for our telemedical services!

Looking For Telemedicine Services in Corona, California?

If you have any other questions regarding telemedical services or to learn if you qualify, reach out to the specialists at Nurturing You by calling our office or booking a consultation online today!