Dr. Leita Harris

Nurturing You Women’s Health & Wellness

Dr. Leita Harris has been delivering health care to women in the Inland Empire in California since 1990. She has achieved many accreditations throughout her career, among them earning her California Medical License in 1988, being board-certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology since 1992 as well as an annual board-recertification since 2006. Dr. Harris started Nurturing You Women’s Health & Wellness in June of 2015 after 25 years of practicing in multi-specialty groups, with the first 15 years was a full scope OB/GYN practice. 

Throughout her career, Dr. Harris has found the need to re-examine ‘medicine’ and the methods with which she was practicing. It is all too common to feel rushed, like there was no time to sit and listen to patients, no time to truly counsel them. Dr. Harris decided to branch out, to research and learn the various, integrative methods to truly manage patients’ underlying problems from a holistic standpoint. 

In 2008, Dr. Harris transitioned into a role that allowed her to see only GYN clinic patients and her use of bio-identical hormones in practice began to blossom as she continued at this practice until 2015, at which time she founded Nurturing You. Throughout her research and studies, Dr. Harris has also learned how to manage male hormone patients so that she can leave her female patients feeling great, and their partners as well.

For Dr. Harris, the best part of her day is seeing someone experience tremendous life-changing benefits, especially after they have been ignored or neglected truly exceptional care. She finds the first visit extremely rewarding, however, when she can sit, listen, educate, and give hope to her clients, that is the real reward. It is very common for women to leave the office with a newfound sense of optimism. 

Dr. Leita Harris strongly advocates that women need to have better care, someone who will listen and validate their concerns, and not brush them off or prescribe something inappropriate. Women need to have someone who will uncover the root cause of their concerns and address them accordingly. They need a medical professional who acts as a partner, invested in their care and journey toward wellness and optimal health, giving them hope that they can return to a life full of vitality and wholeness. 

That is where Nurturing You Women’s Health and Wellness comes in.