Unlock Your Greatest Orgasm Potential With Cliovana

Dr. Leita Harris has been delivering health care to women in the Inland Empire in California since 1990. Harris started Nurturing You Women’s Health & Wellness in June of 2015 after 25 years of practicing in multi-specialty groups, with the first 15 years was a full scope OB/GYN practice. Throughout her career, Dr. Harris has found the need to re-examine ‘medicine’ and the methods with which she was practicing. In 2008, Dr. Harris transitioned into a role that allowed her to see only GYN clinic patients and her use of bio-identical hormones in practice began to blossom as she continued at this practice until 2015, at which time she founded Nurturing You. Throughout her research and studies, Dr. Harris has also learned how to manage male hormone patients so that she can leave her female patients feeling great, and their partners as well. For Dr. Harris, the best part of her day is seeing someone experience tremendous life-changing benefits, especially after they have been ignored or neglected truly exceptional care.

Has your sex life been painful, unenjoyable and just overall not fun? Don’t settle for anti-climactic intimacy – there are options. Meet Cliovana, a 100% non-invasive treatment with zero downtime. This pain-free treatment is designed specifically for women experiencing lessened feelings of arousal and sexual response. Haute Beauty sat down with Haute Beauty expert, Dr. Leita Harris, to discuss how the treatment works, its benefits and beyond.

Who is an ideal candidate?

Cliovana is bridging the gap between what women want from sex and what they get. Recent studies show that 60% of women aren’t satisfied with their sex lives and that during male-female sexual encounters, only 33% of women orgasm every time. In determination to increase clitoral responsiveness and greater overall sexual satisfaction, Cliovana is here to help. So who is the ideal candidate? ANY woman who wants to experience increased sensitivity and sexual responsiveness

How does Cliovana work?

Your body is constantly regenerating cells. Cliovana boosts the process of cell turnover in the genital organ, which includes blood vessels and nerve endings, resulting in improved blood flow to the clitoris, which can lead to an increase in sensitivity and sensation in that area.

What is an orgasm?

At the start of arousal, blood flow to all erogenous zones (e.g., clitoris and G-spot) increases. At this point, the clitoris engorges and with continued stimulation, your nerve endings will lead to muscle contractions that relieve the tension of the sensation. Following the “pulsating” feeling you’ll experience while your muscles contract, your body releases feel-good hormones, adding to the overall pleasure.

Women can experience multiple orgasms. However, everyone is different, and depending on age, one might find it difficult to orgasm. That is where Cliovana comes into play.

What are the benefits of Cliovana?

Just when one thought it couldn’t get better than being 100% non-invasive with no downtime, the benefits go further. Here they are:

  • Increased arousals
  • Increased lubrication
  • Increased orgasm intensity
  • Increased orgasm frequency

How many treatments are necessary for results?

Over the course of two weeks, a patient will come in for a total of two sessions per week that last around 10 minutes each. The sessions include cupping (suction over the clitoris and clitoral hood to dilate the blood vessels), sound waves and finally, vibration combined with sound waves over the entire clitoral area. After the four sessions are complete, one may feel the effects almost immediately, resulting in an increased sensation, frequency and strength of an orgasm. The treatment effects last for a year or more and can be maintained with an annual revitalization session of two 10-minute treatments.

I love having this option open to help women achieve improvement in their sexual health without having to use injections, surgery or other potentially painful procedures.


Written by Invigo