Keep Your Mind And Body Healthy When You Master These Self-Care Tips

There is no shame in putting yourself first. However, from the moment you stop taking yourself into account, your health and wellness will be affected (and not for the better). We at Haute Beauty understand the struggle of staying on track, especially when the days ahead are action-packed and busy. To help keep you aligned, our Haute Beauty experts share the top self-care tips that they work on implementing daily.

Wellspring Meds | Health & Wellness | New York

1. Stress is a big one. Get plenty of rest and exercise regularly. Don’t forget to take breaks when you need to.

2. Making healthy food choices. Not eating right and getting the right nutrients can greatly affect your health and wellness. Avoid being sluggish and stay energized with the right foods and supplements

3. Not getting enough sleep. Sleeping and especially staying asleep is key. When you’re not well-rested it can affect not just your general health, but mental health, and productivity in almost all aspects of life.

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Dr. Liia Ramachandra | Health & Wellness | Chicago

1. Sleep is one of the most important things. Most of us need seven to nine hours of sleep. Women usually need more than men. Lack of sleep is associated with digestive health, physical and mental health, and even happiness.

2. Feeling connected with the earth and every living being. I like waking up early and sitting in the morning in my little garden or just looking outside while having my first cup of coffee. Just those few minutes of mindfulness and connectivity with earth and universe bring me peace of mind and calmness to face anything that will happen that day. Connecting with my loved ones in the evening, having a glass of wine together, or looking over the kid’s homework recharges me and makes me appreciate those moments and each other.

3. Skincare and sun care regimen. Taking just five minutes in the morning and evening to wash my face, apply nutrient-rich skincare followed up with either foundation with SPF or a clean/natural sunblock with at least SPF 30 gives me a fresh start or a calm end to the day. We should always remember that we must apply sunblock the whole year, especially if we want to keep and maintain youthful and healthy-looking skin.

4. Being and feeling creative. When you do what you love, it usually does not feel like a job. Being creative and utilizing all your skills makes you feel more fulfilled, happy, and accomplished, which will bring more internal happiness and trigger ‘happy hormones in your brain to generate a sense of general well-being.

5. Taking time for myself to recharge. We often feel guilty when we take time for ourselves. It can be anything like taking a long bath, going to a spa, going out with friends, or just sitting still and watching IG reels. Don’t feel guilty! Your body and brain need that to recharge and have ‘energy’ to function day in and out! If you don’t do it, eventually, your body and brain will run out of battery, and you won’t be able to fully function, not at work or home. So no, this is not a ‘guilty pleasure’; it is a mandatory part of your day to take time for yourself and ‘recharge’!

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Dr. Leita Harris | Women’s Health And Wellness | Corona CA

My everyday Health & Wellness is imperative for me to live well in my skin and for me to serve others in the capacity that I do:

1. I’m an early riser, I immediately have thoughts and thereafter express words of gratitude, just for waking in a safe environment, healthy in my mind, body, and spirit, and so on.

2. Supplements are a necessity, I take a variety daily and add CBD and essential oils (diffused, oral, and inhaled).

3. I take a few moments to read scripture and meditate on what God is speaking to me for the day, preparing my way and my day.

4. Prayer to be in His presence to quiet my spirit and clear my mind.

5. Personal development. I have an hour commute and I spend that time listening to podcasts, youtube recordings, audible, etc. for continued education and/or encouragement and mindset development

6. While working, I always have music playing.

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Dr. Deepa Verma | Integrative Anti-Aging | Tampa/St.Petersburg

Being an independent mom to three teen boys, a physician running her own business with 2 offices, while wearing many other hats, is no walk in the park. But I love practicing gratitude because the attitude and perspective you choose to foster, will either make or break you.

There are things in life that we feel we have no control over, so we look to other things to find some sense of that. If we can harness that control in a positive manner, then we can redirect the things that negatively affect us and channel them into positive outcomes.

From experience and observation, these things can adversely affect your everyday health and wellness.

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Mood
  • Behavior & Motivation
  • Interaction with others
  • Poor sleep and unhealthy diet

So, now that I pinpointed the major enemies of health and wellness, how can we rectify the situation, because unfortunately, we get caught up in a fast-paced, stressful world and we do not take any time to practice self-care.

From the moment I open my eyes in the morning, I start chanting sacred Hindu mantras and meditate. This is a great tool to soothe anxiety and perpetuate calmness. Then I drink warm lemon water with baking soda and turmeric to alkalize my body. Depending on the day, I do yoga or workout with weights. I practice intermittent fasting most days which reduces inflammation, slows down aging, and boosts brain clarity. I practice mindfulness and awareness.

As an empath, I am very in tune with not only my feelings but how other people can imperceptibly affect my subconscious state of mind. I work off the energy people emit and am intuitive. I tend not to blame others or external circumstances because I realize it is my reaction that enables others to treat me a certain way.

I always try to maintain a positive mood and one tip I have is to concentrate solely on the present. We cannot change the past and we cannot predict the future. If we can understand that everything happens for a reason, we will not allow negative circumstances to drag our psyche down. Establish good sleep patterns so you can feel refreshed upon awakening and make sure to eat a clean diet devoid of synthetic and inflammatory ingredients.

Once you can put these tips into practice according to your lifestyle, then habits will automatically become discipline and you will not have to think twice about putting in effort. The daunting tasks will no longer be that. Embrace your journey to health and wellness of the mind-body-soul. Namaste.

Written by Invigo